Looking for an expert?

The museum provides assistance in assessment of objects and identification of animals from Africa. For reasons of professional ethics, no indication will be given as to the market value of such objects, and no opinion will be expressed as regards the authenticity of the same.
These assessments are generally free of charge.
Only possible by appointment.

  • Analysis of wood, including non-African wood
    Identification of the botanical taxon of wooden objects of all kinds. CITES expert assessments are also carried out in this context 
    - price of an identification : 170€
    - price of expert assessment carried out on site : 250 € per day.

    The wood samples (preferably with dimensions of 1 cm x 7 cm x 15 cm) can be sent to the RMCA - Laboratory of Wood Biology , Leuvensesteenweg 13, B - 3080 Tervuren (Belgium)
    Expert assessments are payable in advance.
    These amounts are payable to account no. 679-2007806-03 of the Royal Museum for Central Africa noting “wood analysis”. 
    Hans Beeckman


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